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We are a happy and polite team providing tree surgery and garden maintenance solutions in the east midlands, UK. We take pride in our work and it shows. We are professional, hard working and looking forward to our next project.


There are several types of pollard.

A monolith pollard is the complete removal of the canopy, allowing the tree to re-generate from the main stem, a framework pollard is removing 50% of the canopy, setting out the framework for future growth. 

pollarding triple image.jpg
crown reduction triple image.jpg

Crown Reduction and Thinning

Is your tree to big for you garden, or casting to much shade over your patio? Our experienced climbers can use specialist pruning techniques to reduce the canopy of your tree without damaging the integrity of your tree.

Tree Removal

If we have enough space we use an accurate felling cut to fell trees from the ground, when space is limited we use climbing and rigging techniques to safely dismantle trees in to the space we have.

tree removal triple image.jpg
stump grinding triple image.jpg

Stump Grinding

We can completely remove old or newly cut stumps and their roots, using one of our stump grinding machines, grinding the stump down into mulch.

Chain Saw Milling

Precision is the key to obtaining useful cuts of wood from a tree. We make new things from these cuts, putting the wood to good use

chain saw milling triple image.jpg
decking fencing triple image.jpg

Decking & Fencing

We can install any decking and fencing for you. Give us a call to enquire about our availability

Hedge Trimming

We can trim your hedge. It doesn't matter how big. We can do it. Give us a call to enquire about our availability

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